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Why you should submit to search engines

by Karla Harris - October 30th, 2014

Ranking In WebsitesYou don’t acquire high search engine rankings only by submitting to search engine. That’s really significant to know.

You ask for search engines to visit your web site

Once you submit your website domain to a search engine, you essentially ask the search engine crawlers to visit your web site and to evaluate it. If the search engine crawlers Can’t determine anything of value on your website, they will not list your website. It does not make sense to submit your website to search engines if you haven’t Optimised it earlier.

You acquire back-links from relevant websites

By submitting your website to online directories, you could acquire inbound links from Relevant web pages.

Do Not Submit Your Site To All Search Engines

Submitting your site to all SE is an unbelievably time-consuming process. There are 100s and 100s of SEs out there – without doubt, you have discover companies who’ll submit your site to a thousand SEs for you. Search engine masters know that the large majority of these SEs have a really low utilization rate and won’t drive any trafficto your website, only submit to major search engines.

The major search engines

A few of the significant SEs, likely accounting for over 90% of the SE market, are:

Getting incoming links quickly

Web page optimization and link establishing are more crucial than search engine submission. Yet, search engine submission still aids you to inform SEs and web directories about your website.

So, how do you acquire incoming links?

A quick fix: It could take a few months to get listed in a web directories. If you can’t wait , then it might be worthy submitting your website into a paid directories and “by artificial means” advancing your rankings.

Long-run strategy: SE optimization is a long-run strategy. You’ll be successful if you:

Structure your web pages right by locating your keywords in effective places. Build a good site with unique content that related web sites prefer to link to register with as many directories as possible and so focus your efforts on these 2 items. Within a couple of months you will start to see success.


  • Don’t submit to search engine if you have not optimized your website
  • Only submit your site to relevant SEs and directories
  • Don’t submit to search engine too often
  • Submit only your index (home) page
  • Don’t submit redirections
  • What can happen if you do not do this right?

You will not acquire high SE rankings if you submit your site before optimizing your pages. Submitting your site to SEs is meaningless if your web-pages are not search engine friendly. If you do not use your personal domain name or if your site is hosted by an unsafe web hosting then it’s expected that your site won’t be listed on SEs. If the submitted URL is a welcome-page or a redirection then search engines won’t index your website. search engine submission is the lowest significant step in search engine optimization. SE submission used to be important but it isn’t anymore today. It’s much more significant to have optimized pages and effective inbound links. Without optimized pages plus quality inbound links a website will not get high rankings and SE submission is totally pointless.

Making Money Without A Boss

by Karla Harris - October 28th, 2014

Minimalist CareersMost minimalists are people who desire to work for nobody but themselves. We believe in getting true enjoyment out of life by having the freedom to do what we please. Fortunately, most minimalists are in the perfect position to achieve this goal because we do not need as much money as most other people to get by. We are much easier to keep happy and do not require a large number of material things in order to live our lives to the fullest. This is a huge advantage that we have with other people who require a standard of living is much different from what we have. If only they knew it did not take a lot of money and things to be happy. But I digress.

How To Earn Money On The Internet

The way that I earned most of my money is by developing websites. I create a whole bunch of websites for the purpose of selling other people’s stuff. This is called affiliate marketing and that has been around for quite a while now. Affiliate marketing has existed before the Internet did. If you are familiar with the company Avon, they have been doing this for decades. Anybody can go out and sell Avon products and in exchange they will receive a commission for everything that they sell. This is the same concept except you have many more companies that you can choose from. Companies like Walmart and Amazon have affiliate programs, for example. You can sell any of their products online and that you will earn a percentage commission from each sale. Pretty awesome, huh?

How To Earn Money At Flea Markets

How cool would it be if you could earn money from virtually any place in the country, and you only have to work a couple days per week. This is realistically achievable if you have a highly profitable and popular item to sell at a flea market. The trick here is to be unique. Many minimalists have found that little toys that can be purchased for only a dollar or less can be resold for $5-$10. This is a very nice markup. The trick is, you must have a toy that you are able to display as people walk past her booth. Make sure you stare kids right in the eye and give them a look as if you are telling them to come over. Kids are like magnets and may bring their parents right with them. Once the kid sees the toy up close as you do a cool trick or show them a cool little feature, they will begin begging mom or dad to be able to have it. When I asked about the price, you told him that the price is usually $30, but since their kid is so darn cute you will let them have it for $10. They are already going into this thinking that the price will be too high, and you will give them just that, but then lower the price dramatically and suddenly $10 might as well sound like $.50. Make no mistake, you can make some serious cash doing this. Let’s say you make five dollars on each toy and you are able to sell 50 of them in one day, you can make $500 over the course of a weekend. If you are like most minimalists, this is enough to get you buy for quite a while. Now, think about if you are able to double those profit margins. How awesome would that be?

How To Earn Money In Campgrounds

If you are the type that likes to travel, you can always give workamping a shot. With this unique job, you can go to campgrounds almost anywhere in the country and receive free camp spots in exchange for some of your time. Some of these positions will even pay you a salary on top of the free spot at the campground. Many of the most beautiful national forests and state parks in the country have opportunities for this. It is definitely something to consider if you are the type that enjoys RV parks or campgrounds.

These are just a few of the ways that you can earn money as a minimalist while not being tied down to any physical location or job. Most of these jobs I have mentioned are very easy to run by a single person and you generally do not have a boss watching over your shoulder every day. So if you’re looking for an independent job, these are some ideas that you should definitely look into.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work ?

by Karla Harris - October 9th, 2014

Before work with affiliate marketing, you have to know how does affiliate marketing work. Check this video.